Tamsin Urquhart

Tamsin studied a Bachelor’s degree at the University of York in English Literature, Writing and Performance and continued on to complete a Master’s degree in Acting at the University of Arts, London. She has directed for film and theatre and, since moving to Sussex in 2012, she has directed and managed a Brighton based theatre company, Hux Productions.

Last year Tamsin decided to commit to writing full-time and she is now in the process of finishing a novel, a self-help novella and a series of illustrated, short stories. Tamsin has a blog that focuses on personal development and storytelling. She also runs The Brighton Eureka Club. This club holds monthly meet ups and talks for those keen to think more creatively about life. And yes, she does believe in magic.

Tamsin’s talk: A hero’s journey


Tim Nash

Tim is the Developer Advocate and WordPress Platform Lead for 34SP.com. A regular speaker at WordPress events in the UK and occasional author and journalist. He also blogs on WordPress, performance, security and DevOps at timnash.co.uk

Tim’s talk: Security is everyone’s responsibility


James Morrison

I’m a Senior WordPress Developer / Head of Support at Pragmatic. I’ve been building websites for ~15 years and have focussed exclusively on WordPress development for the last 8 years.

I’m passionate about web standards and love to code using semantically correct HTML5 & CSS3. My colleagues would say I’m a little obsessed about standards and processes.

James’ talk: Lessons learned using WordPress Multisite


Diane Wallace

Diane is a freelance WordPress Theme and plugin developer. She specialises in bespoke WordPress themes and is passionate about creating beautiful, responsive, user friendly designs.

She is evangelical about WordPress and the community and is happy to talk at length on the subject – you have been warned!

Diane’s talk: CSS secrets


Nikki Rae

Nikki Rae is the CEO of Future Insight Analytics – a customer experience agency with solid grounding in measurement and analytics.

Nikki has an academic career in Computer Science (BSc) and Technology & Innovation Management (MSc), is a guest lecturer at Brighton University, and an international speaker on analytics and customer experience. 

Nikki’s talk: The stuff I wish people knew about analytics…


Martine Warburton

Martine has been designing websites and online applications for almost 15 years.

Graduating with a BA in Design Studies from Goldsmiths University she progressed immediately to working as a freelance digital designer in the new media department of some of the capitals largest design agencies. Roles have included graphic design, advertising, animation, illustration and design and build of websites and applications. Big name clients have included British Gas and The Guardian, Nokia, Harley Davidson, Samsung, Tesco, Sussex Wildlife Trust and the IOC.

More locally clients have included a huge variety of established businesses and tech based start ups. These days the majority of sites designed at Puree are built in WordPress and Martine draws on years of experience in working closely with development partners.

The focus for clients large and small has always been to help them understand and communicate better with their audiences. Martine’s belief is that carefully considered design runs deep in any successful project. This enhanced communication is delivered through a variety of design disciplines including: UX focused web and application design, Brand discovery workshops and brand creation and infographics.

Martine’s talk: How developers and designers can work better together


Ross Wintle

Ross is a freelance website developer, communications consultant and accidental WordPress expert who helps organisations use technology to make the world better. He previously worked in aerospace doing safety-critical software engineering, so websites feel a little more down to earth! Ross is a proud dad, a happy cyclist and he loves working with both people and code.

Ross’ talk: You are creative


Barbara Saul

Working with the Internet for nearly 20 years now and wrangling web design clients for at least 15, Barbara has learned many things about keeping customers happy, whether they are right or wrong, and mostly learning from when she gets it wrong…

Barbara’s talk: How to keep your clients happy


Tom Greenwood

Tom co-founded Wholegrain Digital with his wife Vineeta back in 2007 with the aim of helping good people benefit from good design.

A fan of open source and WordPress, it is his job to set the vision for the company and ensure that everyone is healthy and happy.

In his spare time he has an unhealthy obsession with natural health and likes to run around the woods with bare feet.

Tom’s talk: Happiness and the art of remote working


Lana Burgess

I’m an Inbound Marketing Manager for Fresh Egg Digital Marketing Agency, a Content Strategist and Director at Unramble and one of the Co-Founders of Brighton Digital Women. I help brands attract, engage and convert their audience through creative campaigns and the words I write.

Lana’s talk: Why and how to put your audience at the heart of your WordPress site’s content


David Hilditch

Programming since 6 years old, built the high performance browse view tech for Skyscanner, creator of the Multilingualizer, founder of Affiliate Web Designers and specifically a performance and scalability expert.

David’s talk: Scaling WooCommerce to 1 million products on a basic server


Sarah Semark

Sarah Semark is a designer, developer, and world-traveller. She currently works for Automattic designing and building themes. She has visited over fifty countries, and she’s made things with WordPress in most of them.

When she’s not busy conquering foreign lands, Sarah likes obsessing over typography, collecting impractical footwear, and drinking glasses of wine the size of her head.

Sarah’s talk: The unbearable likeness of design


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